College of Power and Energy Engineering

college of Power and Energy Engineering is founded based on the marine power plant major of PLA Military Institute of Engineering and its predecessor is the No. 352 Teaching and Research Section belonging to the shipbuilding department of College of Naval Engineering. It is one of the colleges with the longest history and one of the main colleges in the shipping, ocean and nuclear fields. College of Power and Energy Engineering has become an important base of cultivating experts in marine power fields after the development and construction of more than 60 years.


Our Highlights

1.One of the colleges with the longest history in Harbin Engineering University (founded in 1953)

2.One of the main colleges in the shipping, ocean and nuclear fields.

3.One doctorate discipline (Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics) and one sub doctorate discipline (Marine Engineering)

4.Marine power elites’ cultivation class for students who are willing to get their bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees of marine power filed.



At present, we have 84 full-time teachers, among whom 23 teachers are Senior Professional Technicians, 26 teachers are Associate Senior Professional Technicians, 30 teachers are doctoral supervisors and 80 teachers are master's supervisors. Seventy-three teachers hold Ph.D. degrees, which makes up 86.9% of total number of full-time teachers. The number of teachers who have the experience of studying abroad make up 41% of total number of teachers. We have many outstanding teachers. We have one Cheung Kong Scholar and two double hired academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering. We also have two teachers introduced by foreign talents flexible employment policy, one national teaching group, one deputy director of the teaching steering committee of the ministry of education, two National defense technology industry 511 experts, one teacher elected in New Century Talent Supporting Project and one model of national teacher morality.

After many years’ development, we have had a high-quality teacher team composed of first-class domestic experts in marine power field and youth teachers with broad international vision. We are the largest research team in the field of power and energy engineering in domestic universities and play a crucial part in the process of national naval equipment construction, the enforcement of energy conservation policy and economic transformation and development. In the last three years, 232 undergraduates have worked in the top 500 companies in the world or the top 500 companies at home among 731 undergraduates in total and 243 postgraduates have worked in the top 500 companies in the world or the top 500 companies at home among 386 postgraduates in total. The quality of employment in our college ranks first in HEU.


Subject Characteristics

College of Power and Energy Engineering has three Master's degree programs including Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Marine Engineering and Power Engineering and two Doctoral programs including Marine Engineering and Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics. Marine engineering, the state key subject, has passed the authentication of Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST) in the UK, which marks the international recognition of our education of Marine Engineering Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Graduates majoring in marine engineering can all obtain the qualification of international general engineers of marine engineering. Power engineering and engineering thermophysics is the key subject of national defense and one of the five main subjects mainly constructed and developed by HEU.

In the last three years, our teachers have undertaken 236 research projects in total, including 26National Natural Science Foundations, 40 provincial and departmental projects and other projects. The annual scientific research funds have reached over 100 million in the last three years. We have won eight scientific achievements awards including one second prize of national science and technology progress, two provincial and departmental first prize and six provincial and departmental second prizes, 123 authorized national invention patents, nearly 1,000 academic papers including 192 papers in SCI and 486 papers in EI.

In 2015, research fund contracts amount exceeded 170 million RMB, fund of scientific research we received was up to 137 million RMB and the average fund of scientific research was 1.67 million RMB. Simultaneously, approved formally and the position of us in navy and marine fields was recognized widely. National gas turbine project and the project of marine low speed engine innovation will launch, in which HEU is an important participant unit. The development of our scientific research will have a bright prospect because of that. Additionally, the transfer of 11 invention patents realizes and the total number of transfer fee is nearly 16 million RMB. Harbin Ship Power Technology Co. Ltd. based on the technology of marine duel fuel engines was sponsored 50 million RMB by provincial government. The total number of annual new contract money reached 300 million RMB.

We have received about 300 million RMB for our construction. National experiment teaching center of Marine power technology was approved in 2012, collaborative innovation center of marine power technology was approved in 2014, national virtual simulation experiment teaching center of marine power technology was approved in 2015 and National demonstration engineering degree graduate student union education base was approved in 2015. The Power Building and the Power Experiment Building, covering an area of 35 thousand square meters, creates marvelous conditions for the study, research and scientific innovation of our students.